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Rudushskoe Lake pollen dataset - Neotoma Dataset 4390

Neotoma Dataset 4390

Rudushskoe Lake pollen dataset

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Constituent Database: European Pollen Database

Dataset Type: pollen

Latitude: 56.5

Longitude: 27.55

Age Range: 30 – 8470

Description: Small closed lake on Latgale Upland. Physiography: till. Surrounding vegetation: Pinus-Betula-Alnus forests and fields.

Affiliated Researchers

Name Affiliation Contribution
Aleshinskaya, Zoya V. NA Researcher
Andreev, Andrei A. Laboratory of Evolutionary Geography, Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences, Staromonetny 29, Moscow, 109017, RUSSIA Researcher
Davydova, Natalia N. NA Researcher
Dorofeyuk, Nadezhda I. NA Researcher
Efremov, Yurii V. NA Researcher
Grimm, Eric Christopher University of Minnesota, Department of Earth Sciences, 310 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455-0231, USA DataCurator
Harrison, Sandy P. School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1SS, United Kingdom Researcher
Khomutova, Valentina I. NA DataCollector
Khomutova, Valentina I. NA Researcher
Levkovskaya, G. M. NA Researcher
Pushenko, Marina Ya. NA Researcher
Saarse, Leili 200105 Tallinn, Institute of Geology, 7 Estonia Ave., ESTONIA Researcher
Sergeeva, L. NA DataCollector
Sergeeva, L. NA ProjectLeader
Sergeeva, L. NA Researcher
Sevastyanov, Dimitrii V. NA Researcher
Tamosaitis, Justinas Institute of Geography, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Akademijos str. 2, LT-2600 Vilnius, LITHUANIA Researcher
Tarasov, Pavel E. Laboratory of Pleistocene Palaeogeography, Geography Department, Moscow State University, Vorobievy Gory, 119899 Moscow, RUSSIA Researcher
Tarasova, I. V. NA Researcher
Trifonova, I. NA Researcher
Uspenskaya, Ol’ga N. NA Researcher
Watts, William A. Department of Botany, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland Researcher
Yakushko, Ol’ga F. NA Researcher


publicationid citation
316 Tarasov, P.E., S.P. Harrison, L. Saarse, M.Ya. Pushenko, A.A. Andreev, Z.V. Aleshinskaya, N.N. Davydova, N.I. Dorofeyuk, Yu.V. Efremov, V.I. Khomutova, D.V. Sevastyanov, J. Tamosaitis, O.N. Uspenskaya, O.F. Yakushko, and I.V. Tarasova. 1994. Lake status records from the former Soviet Union and Mongolia: data base documentation. Paleoclimatology Publications Series Report No. 2, World Data Center-A for Paleoclimatology, NOAA Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
1080 Davydova, N. 1988. Diatom analyses of bottom deposits [in Russian]. Pages 19-25 in Ratsional’noe ispol’zovanie prirodnyh resursov v Belorusii [Rational utilization of the natural resources in Belorussia]. Leningrad, USSR.
1184 Khomutova, V. 1989. Paleogeography and biostratigraphy of lake sediments from forest zone of European part of USSR by spore-pollen data [in Russian]. Ph.D. Dissertation. Specialization 11.00.04 - geomorphology and evolution geography. Leningrad, USSR.
1208 Levkovskaya, G. 1987. Nature and man in the Mid-Holocene on the Lubanas Lowland [in Russian]. Zinatne, Riga, Latvia.
1319 Sergeeva, L., I. Trifonova, and V. Khomutova. 1988. Spore and pollen, lithological and pigment analyses of bottom deposits [in Russian]. Pages 14-19 in Ratsional’noe ispol’zovanie prirodnyh resursov v Belorusii [Rational utilization of natural resources in Belorussia]. Leningrad, USSR.
1320 Sergeeva, L., V. Khomutova, and I. Trifonova. 1987. Paleogeographical stages in the development of Latgale lakes. Pages 154-163 in A. Raukas and L. Saarse, editors. Paleohydrology of the temperate zone, II. Lakes. Valgus, Tallin, Estonia.
1377 Watts, W.A. 1963. Late-glacial pollen zones in western Ireland. Irish Geography 4:367-376..

Data Citation


Sergeeva, L.. 2013. Rudushskoe Lake pollen dataset. In, European Pollen Database. Neotoma Paleoecological Database. URL:


  author={Sergeeva, L.},
  title={Rudushskoe Lake pollen dataset},
  booktitle={European Pollen Database},
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