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Smith Creek Cave [26WP46] vertebrate fauna dataset - Neotoma Dataset 4684

Neotoma Dataset 4684

Smith Creek Cave [26WP46] vertebrate fauna dataset

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Constituent Database: FAUNMAP

Dataset Type: vertebrate fauna

Latitude: 39.3333333

Longitude: -114.0833333

Age Range: 1 – 35000

Description: No description provided

Affiliated Researchers

Name Affiliation Contribution
Bell, Christopher J. University of Texas, Austin, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, 1 University Station C1100, Austin, Texas 78712-0254, USA Researcher
Bryan, A. L. NA Researcher
Grimm, Eric Christopher University of Minnesota, Department of Earth Sciences, 310 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455-0231, USA DataCurator
Mead, James I. Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, 1800 US 18 Bypass, P.O. Box 692, Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747, USA Researcher
Murray, Lyndon K. District Paleontologist, Stout Research Center, California Department of Parks and Recreation, Colorado Desert District, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Borrego Springs, California, USA Researcher
Stearley, Ralph F. Calvin College, Department of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies, 1740 Knollcrest Circle SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4403, USA DataCurator
Thompson, Robert Stephen U. S. Geological Survey, Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Box 25046, MS 919, Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225, UNITED STATES Researcher
Van Devender, Thomas R. Sky Island Alliance, P.O. Box 41165, Tucson, Arizona 85717, United States Researcher


publicationid citation
1841 Bryan, A. L. 1979. Smith Creek Cave. Pages 164-251 in The archaeology of Smith Creek Canyon, eastern Nevada (D. R. Tuohy and D. L. Rendall, editors), Nevada State Museum Anthropological Papers 17.
2837 Mead, J. I., C. J. Bell, and L. K. Murray. 1992. Mictomys borealis (northern bog lemming) and the Wisconsin paleoecology of the east-central Great Basin. Quaternary Research 37:229-238.
2844 Mead, J. I., R. S. Thompson, and T. R. Van Devender. 1982. Late Wisconsinan and Holocene fauna from Smith Creek Canyon, Snake River Range, Nevada. Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History 20(1):1-26.

Data Citation


Bell, Christopher J., Bryan, A. L., Mead, James I., Murray, Lyndon K., Thompson, Robert Stephen, Van Devender, Thomas R.. 2013. Smith Creek Cave [26WP46] vertebrate fauna dataset. In, FAUNMAP. Neotoma Paleoecological Database. URL:


  author={Bell, Christopher J., Bryan, A. L., Mead, James I., Murray, Lyndon K., Thompson, Robert Stephen, Van Devender, Thomas R.},
  title={Smith Creek Cave [26WP46] vertebrate fauna dataset},
  publisher={Neotoma Paleoecological Database},

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